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Introducing a new feature: read classic materials from the archives of the print version of The Nabokovian. Selected by the site's editors, contents will be featured free of charge and will vary quarterly. Full access to all of the print and electronic issues of The Nabokovian are available on this site to members of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society (IVNS). To join, please go here.

Our third feature is "Colloquy on Browning's Door" from the 34th issue (1995) of The Nabokovian.  Enjoy your reading!



NEW BOOK: Ada to Zembla: The Novels of Vladimir Nabokov (Endellion, 2022)

Submitted by david_vernon on Wed, 11/16/2022 - 04:38

Dear all,

Glad to announce my new book, Ada to Zembla: The Novels of Vladimir Nabokov, has just been published in the UK and US. It has a chapter for each novel, plus some supplementary ones on the other works.

My primary goal has been to create a readable and exciting book which can appeal to both newcomers and (hopefully!) seasoned Nabokovians.

Do hope some of you will enjoy it and will share with students and colleagues!

David Vernon

David Vernon Nabokov

Subject: Call for Nabokov panel proposals – MLA 2024 (Philadelphia)


The IVNS is inviting Nabokov scholars to propose and organize our panel at the annual MLA convention. This call is for the 2024 MLA Convention, which will take place in Philadelphia in early January 2024.

Marie Bouchet Mon, 11/07/2022 - 06:00

International Vladimir Nabokov Society Prizes 2022

Submitted by dana_dragunoiu on Sat, 11/05/2022 - 07:59

The International Vladimir Nabokov Society is delighted to announce this year's prizes, funded generously by the Vladimir Nabokov Literary Foundation.

Congratulations to the winners and gratitude to the judges who adjudicated the prizes and wrote the commendations below.


Dieter E. Zimmer Prize for Best Postgraduate Work on Nabokov

Awarded annually, to the best work on Nabokov done at master’s level, or as coursework towards a master’s or a PhD, or to a chapter of a PhD dissertation. Value $1500.