Vladimir Nabokov

Nabokov Readings (online), July 20-22

By stephen_blackwell, 19 July, 2023

The next instalment of Nabokov Readings will take place starting tomorrow: 

From Tatiana Ponomareva: July 20-22 The Institute of Russian Literature will hold the annual Nabokov Readings conference.  The papers will cover a wide variety of topics, including Nabokov's poetics, his position among other Russian emigre authors, biographical studies.  All the papers this year will be presented in Russian. 

The program is available at the conference's website.

All the panels of the conference will be streamed here.


The web site Board also takes this opportunity to remind everyone that the IVNS has published a statement condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine and has donated all member dues collected before May 1 of this year and last year to HIAS, the organization that helped Nabokov flee Europe to the United States. The donations have been made "in Honor of Vladimir Nabokov" and specifically earmarked by HIAS for their response to the war in Ukraine. These actions, however, do not preclude our support of the longstanding and respected members of our Nabokovian community affected by the war both in Russia and Ukraine.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Blackwell