Vladimir Nabokov

Reimagining Nabokov: Pedagogies for the 21st Century 

By dana_dragunoiu, 30 December, 2022

Edited by Sara Karpukhin and José Vergara 

Amherst College Press, 2022

Open Access (all materials are available for download and reading online; paper book available for purchase for $21.99)

The book can be read online here: https://doi.org/10.3998/mpub.12734225

Here, eleven teachers of Vladimir Nabokov describe how and why they teach this notoriously difficult, even problematic, writer to the next generations of students. Contributors offer fresh perspectives and embrace emergent pedagogical methods, detailing how developments in technology, translation and archival studies, and new interpretative models have helped them to address urgent questions of power, authority, and identity.  Practical and insightful, this volume features exciting methods through which to reimagine the literature classroom as one of shared agency between students, instructors, and the authors they read together. 



Foreword by Galya Diment  

Introduction  by Sara Karpukhin   


I. Digital Collaborations   

1 Teaching Nabokov in 3D by Yuri Leving   

2 Good Readers, Good Writers: Collaborative Student Annotations for Invitation to a Beheading by José Vergara  


II. Mixing Cultures   

3 Teaching Poshlost': Texts and Contexts by Matthew Walker   

4 Teaching Nabokov in a Virtual Time of Trouble by Tim Harte   

5 Nabokov’s Haunted Screen: The Exilic Uncanny in Weimar Film by Luke Parker  


III. Disability Studies and Queerings   

6 Reading Disability in “A Guide to Berlin” by Roman Utkin   

7 Nabokov, Creative Discussion, and Reparative Knowledge by Sara Karpukhin   

8 Paranoid Reading, Reparative Reading, and Queering The Real Life of Sebastian Knight by Meghan Vicks  


IV. Paratexts and Archives   

9 Patterns and Paratexts: Teaching Nabokov’s Autobiography by Robyn Jensen 

10 Vulnerability, Discipline, Perseverance, Mercy: On Teaching Nabokov’s Short Stories by Olga Voronina  

11 The Original of Laura and the Archival Nabokov by Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya  Bibliography  Contributors