Vladimir Nabokov

From Nabokov's Net: VN & Science exhibit at Cornell, March 14-July 31 (w. Naomi Pierce)

By stephen_blackwell, 7 February, 2024

Nabokov exhibit poster

From Nabokov's Net: Nabokov’s contributions to butterfly science & the Cornell University Insect Collection. 

"Produced in collaboration with the Cornell University Insect Collection (CUIC), the exhibit features a selection of butterfly specimens from the collection Nabokov donated to the CUIC with his hand-written labels and celebrates his life-long love of lepidoptera as witnessed through both fanciful and scientific butterfly illustrations, the species he described, and the fascinating scientific theories he developed."

Opening night, March 14, features a lecture by MCZ Curator of Lepidoptera Dr. Naomi Pierce, who led the genetic study proving Nabokov's dispersal theory of New World Blues (4-5pm, reception follows). More information here