Vladimir Nabokov

Article: "DNA, Nabokov, and Biogeography," by Kurt Johnson and Stephen H. Blackwell

By stephen_blackwell, 15 April, 2024

Kurt Johson and Stephen H. Blackwell announce a new article on VN's lepidopterology; the article is largely a summary of previously-known information, but with one new significant area of investigation. (Spoiler: why was Nabokov right about his "Wellsian time machine"?)

"DNA, Nabokov, and Biogeography," This View of Life Magazine, April 15, 2024 (peer-reviewed). Published by Prosocial World.

Scientific Journal Format (PDF)https://zenodo.org/records/10967357

Online Reading Format (additional illustrations and annotations):  DNA, Nabokov, and Biogeography

Screenshot of article page