Vladimir Nabokov


Selected critical writings on Nabokov, arranged as either General (and then by Topic) or By Works.

For a comprehensive bibliography of critical material on Nabokov, go here.


Interim note: This section can include at least the critical pieces that were incorporated on Zembla, and any others that we think we can upload without causing copyright concerns: because the author is long dead, or because the author is alive and willing to send the material. The journals or other outlets where the material was published may not be thrilled but if the material has been out for some time are unlikely to take action. And some may be open access or accessible through a hyperlink.

How/who to transfer?

I have moved this from Works, because all now under there offers different kinds of indexes of the works (titles, annotations, characters, places), to Resources, since this is clearly a major resource and much of the material covers general themes or periods or genres.