Welcome to The Nabokovian!

Submitted by stephen_blackwell on Thu, 02/28/2019 - 06:29

Welcome to the official site of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society (IVNS). Founded by Professors Brian Boyd, Stephen H. Blackwell, and Zoran Kuzmanovich, the site is intended to serve as the go-to place for all matters pertaining to the life and work of Vladimir Nabokov. You can access most of the site according to your wishes, but to add to or edit material wiki-style (as we hope you will do) and join in lively discussions, you will have to register to the site by following these directions. If you wish to become a member of the Society, you will have access to a trove of resources related to Nabokov, including annotations to Nabokov’s works and materials published in The Nabokovian. 

PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG IN EACH TIME YOU VISIT THE SITE. Otherwise you will be denied the privileges that registration and/or IVNS membership entitles you to.

Designed to support wiki-style contributions, the site will grow as its registered membership grows. Nabokov scholars: please add your names and profiles to the list of “Nabokovians.” Admirers of Nabokov: please consider joining the International Vladimir Nabokov Society, a vibrant community of Nabokov readers, students, and scholars worldwide. 

REGISTRATION PROTOCOL: Because of an escalating number of bot infiltrations, those wishing to register to the site are asked to follow the protocol below:

  1. Go to the Carleton University English Department website. Click on “OUR PEOPLE.” Click on “FACULTY.” Email your request to the address listed for “Dana Dragunoiu.” 
  2. The message should contain a full name, an institutional affiliation, and a favourite Nabokov novel or passage. The use of complete sentences is encouraged. The more ample expression of interest in Nabokov, the quicker the verification process will be.
  3. A login and password will be sent out shortly. The password can be changed the first time that it is used.

Looking forward to receiving your registration request,

Dana Dragunoiu, 

General Editor